Western Community Grants Fund

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Please contact Elaine Lennon, details below. 

Overview of Recommendation Process

Applications fitting criteria will be considered at a Neighbourhood Network meeting and recommendations made to Locality Manager.

The total annual budget for grants is £37,565, and the Panel considers all applications that meet the funding criteria until the fund for that year has been fully allocated. As a result, the Panel will recommend to fully fund the project, offer partial funding, or decline to recommend an award.

2021-22 Update – projects tackling Social Isolation will be particularly welcomed.

Awards Made in 2021/22

  • Corstorphine Connect Sight Loss Group - £2,952
  • Corstorphine Community Centre - £4,612
  • You're Never too Old (YNTO) - £2,067
  • Corstorphine Village Playgroup - £2,287
  • Corstorphine Scottish Women's Institute - £2,100
  • 88th Craigalmond Scouts - £3,027
  • 16th Craigalmond Scout Group - £2,998
  • Edinburgh Park Leisure (Energize) - £4,400
  • Edinburgh Park Leisure (Energize) for VSF - £1,554
  • Corstorphine Dynamos - £4,590
  • React to Rugby - £3,099
  • Corstorphine Community Centre - £3,879

North West Community Grants Fund application and guidance

North West Community Grants Fund downloadable application form and guidance

Elaine Lennon

For further information on the Community Grants Fund please contact Elaine Lennon.