Western Community Grants Fund

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11 June 2023

17 Sept 2023

Overview of Recommendation Process

Applications fitting criteria will be considered at a Neighbourhood Network meeting and recommendations made to Locality Manager.

The total annual budget for grants is £37,565, and the Panel considers all applications that meet the funding criteria until the fund for that year has been fully allocated. As a result, the Panel will recommend to fully fund the project, offer partial funding, or decline to recommend an award.

2021-22 Update – projects tackling Social Isolation will be particularly welcomed.

Awards Made in 2022/23

  • Corstorphine Fair: To support site infrastructure, including main stage, awnings & fixings, toilets, technician and site management staff,, £4,885
  • Craigmount Parent Council: To support purchase of 8 picnic tables, £4,100
  • Rannoch Community Centre: To support Park Life Programme and Summer Excursions, £2,193
  • Edinburgh Community Performing Arts CIC: To set up a free weekly dance and movement class for older people, and to improve accessibility, £4,465
  • St Thomas' Church (for 'Corstorphine Christmas Support Project'): To support the 'Corstorphine Christmas Support Project', offering support packages to local families experiencing hardship., £5,000
  • Edinburgh Park Leisure (Energize): To contribute towards a canopy to enable outdoor classes, £4,000
  • The Corstorphine Singers: To develop this new singing group by supporting tutor and venue costs, £3,000
  • Capital AllStars: To support travel costs to two events, to purchase new safety equipment and a sound system, £2,700
  • Corstorphine Community Centre: To purchase new furniture for the development of their services, £3,497
  • Corstorphine Old Parish Church: To support Youth Decides by organising a black history walking tour outing, £500
  • Corstorphine Community Centre: To support Youth Decides outings for Thursday youth club, £900
  • Rannoch Community Centre: To support Youth Decides, Drumbrae Library Monday Club / Drumbrae Youth Café / Open all Hours, £1,825

North West Community Grants Fund application and guidance

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