Actions to Deliver Edinburgh’s City Mobility Plan

The Council is seeking views on a suite of action plans and an emerging citywide Future Streets framework, to support delivery of its approved City Mobility Plan.

The Council approved the City Mobility Plan for Edinburgh in February 2021. Our vision is for people, goods and services to be able to move into and around Edinburgh in a way that is safe, sustainable, efficient and can benefit everyone.

We have an ambitious 2030 target to lower the number of kilometres travelled by car in Edinburgh by 30%. Edinburgh also aims to achieve Net Zero by 2030. We understand that some people will still need to make certain journeys by car and for others using public transport or active travel is not always a realistic option.

A suite of action plans designed to support the delivery of the City Mobility Plan to 2030 (CMP) were approved for consultation by councillors in December and February. Together, these action plans aim to create cleaner, greener, safer, more accessible and affordable travel choices, while reinforcing the Capital’s Net Zero 2030 goals. The action plans can be viewed here:

Active Travel Action Plan

Air Quality Action Plan

Road Safety Action Plan

Parking Action Plan 

Public Transport Action Plan 

In addition, the Council is also seeking views on an emerging citywide Future Streets framework, which outlines how we can make changes to the allocation of limited street space to improve our streets and provide a more welcoming environment for everyone.

Why we are seeking views

We want to hear views on these plans as they cover many critical issues that impact how our streets work for everyone. These include:

  • making streets more accessible
  • improving public transport and active travel networks
  • achieving ambitious road safety targets
  • creating people-friendly, thriving neighbourhoods and shopping streets
  • improving air quality to support better public health

We would really appreciate EPs input to these plans, either as a collective group or as individual stakeholder organisations.

In April we held three stakeholder workshops. The vast majority of EP member organisations were invited to these sessions to capture views. We got a good turnout at these events, however not all stakeholders were able to attend and we are keen to impress the importance of capturing views from all key stakeholders.

Organisations can email our dedicated inbox with comments on the plans and any questions by no later than 9th July -

We are really keen to ensure LCPPs and the communities they represent are aware of the consultant and opportunities to share views. We are capturing views via a number of methods, including:

Please see here for more information on the plans and consultation –


Published: 2nd June 2023